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    User name cates

    Log entry time 17:36:14 on October 25,1998

    Entry number 3602

    keyword=NMR measurement

    Rotated back from transverse orientation to make polarization measurement. Once
    in the longitudinal orientation, we performed two measurements, with longitudinal lasers on, and with longitudinal lasers off. The results:
    Lasers off: -10.88 mV => 25/32% (V1/V2)
    Lasers on: -11.56 mV => 27/34% (V1/V2)
    Clearly, care needs to be taken to measure polarization in the same configuration,
    i.e. lasers on or off, as we do when doing longitudinal running if we want to
    compare the numbers directly. Rotated back to 270 degreee orientation at the
    conclusion of measurement.