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    User name Deur A.

    Log entry time 09:53:20 on October 26,1998

    Entry number 3703


    keyword=Bscope (read This)

    Ask MCC for a Bscope.
    I notice:
    -Nobody is doing Bscope. We have to do one once per shift. Just Ask MCC for one and check the result in the MCC logbook

    - The Bscope done since then are useless since the higher frequency in the scale is about 3 kHz. The bscope is another way to check the raster size and consequently the higher frequency in the scale should be 30 kHz (the raster is running at about 20 kHz)
    --> Make sure when you ask MCC for a Bscope and when you check it that the frquency scale is good.