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    User name jpchen

    Log entry time 11:52:00 on October 26,1998

    Entry number 3713

    keyword=Target polarization summary

    Summary of target polarization for the cell Armagedon (currently in use):
    Average of the two calibration numbers are used (2.65%/mv)

    When there is no beam, the highest polarization- peak=16 mv, pol=42%; typical polarization- peak=15-16 mv, pol=39-42%.
    With 14uA beam on target:
    Longitudinal- peak=12.4-13.1 mv, pol=33-35%. (lasers always on).
    Transverse (laser off): peak=10.5-11.5 mv, pol=28-30%; (Temp effect)
    (laser on): peak=11.6-12.2 mv, pol=31-32%.