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    User name J. Gomez

    Log entry time 10:33:15 on October 27,1998

    Entry number 3824

    This entry is a followup to: 3782


    Regarding the medm alignment screen for both electron/hadron spectrometers:
    There are two fields (yellow color) labeled "Flr Mrk (deg)" and "Vernier (mm)"
    that need to be filled before the code can calculate the spectrometer angle and
    pointing. Obtain these values from the TV-monitors looking at the floor marks.
    Please check on the TV-monitor screen the sign (+/-) of the vernier reading
    (it will make a large difference).

    Since the code needs the above mentioned fields before a calculation can be
    performed, the screen is blanked out and ERROR# 2 is displayed. After a reboot
    of the magnet IOC (either electron or hadron) these fields need to be re-entered.
    Note that if this fields are not entered, the summary files written to HALOG will
    also have a "0" for the corresponding spectrometer angle. Also, if the spectrometers
    are moved, the new values of "Flr Mrk" and "Vernier" need to be entered