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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 17:14:42 on October 28,1998

    Entry number 3964


    keyword=Request/Instruct. to run HAPPEX DAQ

    The experiment is requested to run the HAPPEX DAQ
    about twice a shift, if possible This will give us a good and
    precise database on systematics. Here are the instructions,
    which are also posted near the adaqh4 console:

    How to Run HAPPEX DAQ for Total-Non-Experts

    R. Michaels E. Burtin
    rom@jlab etienne@jlab

    About twice per shift, do the following when
    the beam current is between 3 and 16 microamps:

    1. Go to the adaqh4 console in the back room.
    The account "parity" is logged in there.

    2. Go to the workspace "HAPPEX DAQ". In the
    adaqh4 login session, do a control-C to kill
    RunControl (if running). Type "kcoda" (without
    the quotes) to be sure.

    3. Type "RC" (without the quotes). This
    starts RunControl.

    4. Mouse-click on "Configure". A dialog box pops.
    up. Select "GDH" Run Configuration (should be
    default). Then click "Download" button.

    5. Press "Prestart". Then press "go". After
    about 1/2 hour, you can "End" the run.
    If things seem to crash, you can control-C
    and kcoda (step 2) to effectively end.

    If problems occur, do not call experts, send e-mail.
    We will run this DAQ anyway from time to time.