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    User name jpchen

    Log entry time 10:17:07 on October 30,1998

    Entry number 4144

    keyword=More data taking for 1.72 GeV

    After completing data taking at 3.4 GeV (expected to be tonight around midnight),
    we are going to change back to 1.72 GeV. At the begining of 1.72 GeV data taking 4 weeks ago, the helicity correlated charge asymmetry was large (0.1-0.5%). Also during that time period we had a malfunctioning BCM. Quick analysis (by Wang Xu, Steffen Jensen and Mark Jones) of the N2 runs took during that time period indicate that we had a false asymmetry of about 10E-3, which is too close to the physics asymmetries we are measuring. We will need re-take about 50-60 hours of data at
    1.72 GeV to complete the data at this energy. The remaining time after 3.4 GeV data taking, before the next maintenance days (MD starting on Tueday 4 am), it should be just about the right amount of time for 1.72 GeV data re-taking.