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    User name gilman

    Log entry time 12:03:17 on October 30,1998

    Entry number 4156

    keyword=end of run information

    end of run information is not appearing in elog though we try to save the comment,
    save some text that may indicate problem from the "log" window....
    I reproduce it below, and will also put it here :

    daLogMsg: already ended, got all end(s) from ROC(s)
    ER::end called
    daLogMsg: ending
    CODA data file closed after 1210162 events (945697440 Bytes)
    force shutdown of write thread
    daLogMsg: ended
    The operation timed out: MBSY1C_energy
    MBSY1C_energy --- Invalid channel name
    cat: cannot open /home/adev/epics/runfiles/halog_com_2179.epics
    /home/adev/epics/runfiles/halog_end_2179.epics End_of_Run_2179
    The operation timed out: RastA_TargAmpXi

    FIGURE 1