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    User name Ulmer

    Log entry time 23:01:37 on March23,2000

    Entry number 36792

    keyword=E-ARM gamma (probe 3)

    Gamma constant for electron arm at low field using probe 3 (currently kinematics 31) is significantly different than the current default value: 269.8 MeV/c/kG. In order to keep the database gamma the same, one must scale the B-field in the header file so that the default gamma gives the correct momentum (as judged by the magnet display summary screen).

    For kinematics 31: p0 = 374.0 MeV/c
    Database gamma = 269.8 MeV/c/kG
    --> header file B-field = p/gamma = 1.3862 kG (as opposed to actual probe 3 field of 1.5739 kG).