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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 15:10:00 on June13,2000

    Entry number 43655

    keyword=trigger strobe added to scaler

    The trigger strobe was added as scaler data on both E-arm and H-arm.
    This is the strobe used for the S-Ray MLU. It is expected to be the
    dominant source of trigger deadtime, at a rate of about 10% per MHz.
    On E-arm the channel is the 4th channel on the 5th scaler (the "normalization
    scaler"). As usual, these data also appear on the 6th and 7th scaler bank
    on E-arm, which are gated by the two helicities. On H-arm, the channel
    is the 20th channel of the 5th bank (also the "normalization scaler"), as
    well as on the 4th and 6th helicity gated scalers. Note, the H-arm scaler
    has 32 channels. The xscaler display has been updated. One can see
    typically 1.4-2.0 kHz for cosmics, which is the sum of 6 PMTs on S1-R
    and 6 on S2-R.