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    User name sarty

    Log entry time 19:00:52 on June16,2000

    Entry number 43952

    This entry is a followup to: 43858

    keyword=Coulombs needed for thcm=-135

    Clarification of to know when we have enough data at this setting.
    From Mark's analysis in the previous halog, we need 19.3 C of running with
    no collimators in place on HRSH and HRSE. From May's running, we had
    acquired 2.41 C with 6msr colli's in place; this then (using Mark's numbers)
    scales to an equivalent of 1.71 C of running without colli's. (NOTE: runs 2046-2049
    are not being used since some FPP voltages were off.)

    Therefore, starting at the first useful run of this period (run 2050) - all having
    no collimators in - we need a total of 19.3 C - 1.71 C =

    17.6 Coulombs

    SO...shift people should run Rikki's mysql script "total_trig" (as listed by the adaql1)
    until the total Coulombs reaches 17.6 Coul.