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    User name Templon

    Log entry time 14:51:56 on September29,2000

    Entry number 48469

    keyword=various analysis notes

    1) Bob M was worried about TDC timing for S1/S2 ... if timing slips below
    ..... 50 ns into TDC range (~500 channels) then TDC is flaky. All TDCs
    ..... both arms are at 100 ns or above.
    2) arm 2 (according to ha_analyzer, should be LEFT arm) scint plane 2,
    ..... right side tubes: almost all have multiple peaks, and paddle 1 has on order
    ..... of four peaks. don't understand.
    3) Nilanga will make rough gain match of S1/S2 PMTs
    4) need to put HV to gas cerenkov as soon as Segal finishes leak chasing
    5) no TDC signals seen for right arm, S2-5 (L or R) using hana, however
    ..... ha_analyzer DOES see signals. would like to understand.
    6) according to Bogdan, left arm (arm 2) VDCs are OK.
    7) our attempt at fixing wire 123, plane 4 of arm 1 (right spect) failed as far as
    ..... we can tell; inefficient wire. may have something to do with VDC gas
    ..... flow problems (low oil level, so gas was escaping at bubbler input)
    ..... however unlikely that just one wire would be affected.