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    User name Templon

    Log entry time 00:33:21 on September30,2000

    Entry number 48572

    keyword=Harp scans

    started harp scans --- daq not working but can do part of program
    while waiting.
    Run 974 is first good harp scan run saved.
    However we had not written down bpm numbers.
    take run 975.

    bpma -1.5 -0.793
    bpmb -0.648 -0.862

    measured values:

    -1.86 -0.581
    -0.985 -0.402

    sigma (width) 76 um by 43 um (x vs. y)
    called MCC to change. they made quad change. next run.

    took many runs. decided midways thru that we should have been looking
    at scanner 6 not scanner 5. final answer is in harp run 983:

    142 um (x), 193 um (y) (width : sigma)