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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 11:17:07 on September30,2000

    Entry number 48676

    keyword=checks of event tag - looks good

    I wrote a simple code to check the event types.
    This addresses the potential problem that CODA event
    types are not always the real trigger type (I wrote in
    the halog about this yesterday). The results:
    1) The TDC pattern that latches the event types
    appears to work. But I want to spend more time
    checking it tomorrow when I am on shift.
    2) There appears some noise on channel 1 (trigger 1)
    which seems due to false pulsing, presumably an
    electronics problem. But the real trigger 1 seem clear
    as a peak and the false pulses are far-off-time.
    3) As expected, a small fraction of CODA event types
    are mislabelled.
    The very preliminary code is in ~rom/evchk
    See the README for details.
    Histograms in evdata.hbook -- look good.
    Some raw data dumps in rawdump.dat -- look good.