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    User name Templon

    Log entry time 19:14:43 on September30,2000

    Entry number 48743


    keyword=hana comments III

    Next comment: right arm, S1-1L seems to be missing at ADC input. Should
    be checked at next hall entry. Same effect was seen earlier today by M Jones
    in espace analysis. See figure 1, observe 0 AVG adc PH for channel six,
    plane 1. Note it is not HV since scaler is counting and TDC spectrum is OK.
    right-arm scint TDC is a bit thin. bob recommended 100 ns minimum, and
    50 ns was an absolute must-not. some of peaks are around 60 ns. i have
    delay spools in counting house if experts decide these need to be delayed.
    see figure 2.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2