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    User name Templon

    Log entry time 21:43:31 on September30,2000

    Entry number 48773


    keyword=detector to-do list

    just spoke with Bogdan W. Some comments:
    Left spect gas cerenkov amplitudes are low. need distance from peak
    ... (local maximum) of 1st PE peak to pedestal, to be about 200 channels.
    ... currently only about 50. need to adjust HVs
    need to know (bob??) if left spectrometer has gas cerenkov in trigger.
    bogdan did analysis of gas cerenk spectra: avg about 6 photoelectrons.
    ... this is low. need to think if it is too low.
    if access monday, continue leak checking gas cerenkov, and check the cable (see entry 48743 ) for S1-1L on right arm.