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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 19:04:26 on October10,2000

    Entry number 50034

    keyword=ADC signals

    Its a little hard to tell from home, but it looks
    like after the cable fix the right PMTs on ADC
    signals are all missing. Its important to run with
    a relatively pure sample of T1 (right spectrometer trigger),
    no T2's or other stuff, and look at ADCs. For example
    from Sun or HP, I type
    dataspy -R -s
    and observe patterns of TDC, ADC where typically
    the right PMT ADC is missing.
    I guess someone has been flailing with the cables
    and something is unplugged -- at the fastbus crate.
    (I don't think I did it, but....)