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    User name mitchell

    Log entry time 03:39:55 on October11,2000

    Entry number 50054


    keyword=target vent

    The target vented about 12:34. The problem seems to be that after a reboot the ITC502 that reads the temperature on which we control came up in an error state. It thus returned zero for a temperature. The PID loop ramped the high power heater to max power (600 W) and the target vented. Please be aware of this failure mode.
    I power cycled the temperature controller and refilled the target with Kathy. Kathy has logged all the target info which allowed us to reconstruct the event accurately.
    Should this occur again turn off the high power heater. The ITC display on the camera will read "err" or something like that (not 5.8) and the temperature we control on will read 0. This thermometer is called CT97 ? I think ( I am at home so I don't have it in front of me).