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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 11:59:52 on November 1,2000

    Entry number 51341

    keyword=scaler arrangment

    The scaler crate power supply problem was fixed.
    So, there are now 10 scalers on the R-spectrometer.
    There are 48 channels of ``normalization'' info, which
    are split to three groups: 1) not gated by helicity, 2) gated
    by plus helicity, 3) gated by negative helicity. To minimize
    confusion, I tried to leave the old scaler arrangement alone
    and only ADD scaler channels. The mapping is clear from
    the scaler.config files in ~adaq/e99007/right/scaler and ~adaq/
    e99007/left/scaler. Also see section on scalers in