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    User name M Jones

    Log entry time 07:17:18 on November 3,2000

    Entry number 51401


    Filtering has be setup on adaql2. There is window on the adaql2
    monitor screen labelled filtering where the filtering script is running.

    Instructions of running filtering program
    1. Login into adaql2 as adaq
    2. type "gofilter" which should bring you to
    /adaql1/home/adaq/e99007/filter directory.
    3. Type "tclsh run_condense.tcl"
    4. The basic idea of the script is a continual loop which :
    a. Checks the raw files on /adaqs2
    b. Gets list of filtered run from List_of_filtered_runs file
    c. Check to see if job1 or job2 directory exists.
    If directory exists this means that a job is running.
    d. If job1 or job2 do not exist then starts filtering job called SK_data.
    e. at end of filtering program the directory in which
    it ran is deleted.
    5. At end of filtering
    a. Log files in log_files directory.
    b. Output files in output_files directory.
    c. Status files in status_files directory.
    d. Input files in input_files directory.
    6. All espace files needed by condense program are kept in
    files_needed subdirectory. They are

    8. Do NOT edit the List_of_filtered_runs file .

    9. To see status of filtering remotely type: tclsh status.tcl
    in the filter directory.

    10. If Moller needs to use the terminal
    a. gofilter
    b. tclsh status.tcl
    c. The commands are listed to suspend, resume or kill the program