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    User name M Jones

    Log entry time 03:33:53 on November 5,2000

    Entry number 51494


    keyword=Problems with TS0

    Problems with TS0
    Had many crashes of coda caused by TS0 (r-arm ) not responding.
    Call Bob M. and he suggested that it could be a problem with the
    crate power supply that holds the scalers and the TS . Adding new
    scaler modules may have overloaded the crate even though the
    power supply was beefed up.
    Made entry into the hall. Indeed the power supply would have
    problems with +5V,-12V. At certain times (probably during reads)
    the indicator lights for +5 and -12 would go yellow +5V and red -12V
    and the unit would become noisy.
    Decide to remove two scaler modules to reduce load on the crate.
    The modules were for the left and right scint scalers. Turned crate off
    and pulled these modules out. Turned crate back on,
    the indicator lights stayed green throughout operations.
    With modules removed I was not sure how to get the
    scaler reads to work properly. For now decide not to read r-arm scalers.
    First copied files last_scaler, getscaler and getscaler_file in adev script
    directory to last_scaler.orig, getscaler.orig and getscaler_file.orig.
    The modified files so that r-arm was not read.
    Hopefully this will get us through the night and Bob M
    can do things the right way during the day.