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    User name Calarco

    Log entry time 15:59:23 on November 5,2000

    Entry number 51538

    keyword=Shift Summary

    0845: end of run 1084 failed; problem appears to be that the connection to TS0
    gets lost. Reset CODA and rebooted TS0 and started run 1085 but connection
    lost again. Several more tries ... all failures.
    0955: runs 1085 - 1088 all junk; have started run 1089 with low current while
    chicane is being tuned to see hopw long it lasts.
    Connection to TS0 failed after about 1 minute!!
    Eugene and Sasha in to do Moeller.
    Moeller measurements from 1000 to 1400. Polarization is 60%.
    In the meantime, while Moeller measurements proceeded, several CODA runs
    were made. All ended by losing connection to TS0. In this case, proper end of
    run fails. Usually this requires killing CODA, reestablishing the connection
    to TS0, and then downloading CODA again.
    1430: Joe Mitchell and Christian Cavata playing with Compton chicane. Bob Michaels in to diagnose DAQ problems.
    1500: CHL problems; took access to fix DAQ