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    User name Gomez

    Log entry time 10:37:00 on November 8,2000

    Entry number 51700

    This entry is a followup to: 51673

    keyword=Left HRS LVDT

    The Left HRS Lvdt is not operational (reading ~1M, max range +/- 22500).
    Internal settings of the Lvdt readout modules can be examined/changed
    with the following MEDM screens:
    ./disp/HRSL/HacL_HPM_LVDT.adl (horiz - left hrs)
    ./disp/HRSL/HacL_VPM_LVDT.adl (vert - left hrs)
    Same for right hrs except change "L" to "R"

    non-sense values were found for the various fields of the
    left hrs lvdt indicating memory corruption by radiation.
    The fields were reset but the readings did not change.

    >>>> Notify tech to cycle power of this unit in the next available
    hall access.