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    User name Olivier

    Log entry time 15:05:02 on November10,2000

    Entry number 51824

    This entry is a followup to: 51804

    keyword=Absent blocks of calo

    Explanation for the blocks that don't appear on the x vs y plot of the e99007_det.kumac:

    1,9,136,144,145,153 : these blocks are made of wood, because we ran out of PMTs. They are situated at the corner.

    127: The signal is not read in the ADC, because itis currently send to the second floor of the counting house to check the timing is correct. We will reconnect the ADC in the next access.

    2,121,143: Those are known bad TDCs, and the plot is generated with a TDC cut.

    If you count more than 10 holes on that plot, then something is wrong. First check the HV, then run the e99007_calo kumac in ESPACE and PAW++. Look for the block number you are looking for and check the ADC and TDC spectra.

    If problem persist, well, call me.