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    User name M JOnes

    Log entry time 17:49:20 on November10,2000

    Entry number 51834

    keyword=map of beam polarization

    map of beam polarization from elog 129163
    Total uncertainty 2%

    keyword=Beam polarization map of Gun2 photocathode

    The QE and beam polarization measurements performed yesterday by Matt Poelker and Michael Steigerwald using the 840 nm Hall C diode
    laser are shown as a beam polarization map of the Gun2 photocathode.

    The beam polarization was measured at (1200,1500) with each of the Hall A (TiS), Hall B (diode) and Hall C (diode) lasers and found to be the
    same within the uncertainty of the measurement. Given that we believe each of these lasers is at 840 nm, the magnitude of the beam polarization
    should be the same from each of the three lasers.

    FIGURE 1