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    User name gilman

    Log entry time 09:58:40 on November12,2000

    Entry number 51927

    keyword=radiator test

    There were a couple problems during the radiator test.

    1) The FSDs tripped the beam after we moved to the 2% foil.
    2) The radiator was moved to the out position, but stopped at the foil 1 = empty
    position and would not move.

    I checked the status on entering the hall.
    1) The water cooler showed no flow rate and no pressure. I turned it off
    and on again, and it remained the same. The FSD trip was valid, but
    I do not know enough about the system to want to play with it and
    figure out anything further today. There is no evidence from the target
    vacuum or on the floors of a water leak, so I might suspect the pump
    failed, but why would this happen to coincide with our putting it to the
    2% foil.
    2) The motor control supply showed no holding current, as opposed to the
    I think 1.8 Amps when I turned it on. Turning the box off and on
    again had no effect. Again, why did this happen as we pulled it out, with
    by this point noi beam on target.

    I manually moved the radiator out, by removing the bearing on the
    drive screw, banging it in the process, and blocked it in the out position.
    The water cooler and motor controller box are turned off.