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    User name Hansen

    Log entry time 08:01:08 on November14,2000

    Entry number 52062

    keyword=Shift Summary

    Relatively stable beam for much of tonight. Lost some minor time due to problems with Hall B beam delivery. Then, at 5:00, the beam died because of accelerator problems. No more beam until the end of the shift.

    FPP channels ~30-48 have low efficiency in some planes. This is not fully understood, looks like a card going bad. Since this probably requires an extensive access for troubleshooting, Mark decides that we should keep running for now.

    Run# Start #events Comments
    1295 23:25 1M
    1296 00:26 1M
    1297 01:17 1M
    1298 02:06 545k Ended to allow pulsed beam for Hall B
    1299 02:50 266k " " " " " "
    1300 03:25 1M
    1301 04:22 743k RF trip at end