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    User name Olivier

    Log entry time 10:10:34 on November29,2000

    Entry number 52563


    keyword=Calo TDCs

    I checked the 2 known bad TDCs in the calorimeter:
    - block 121:
    I get a pulser signal everywhere (exit of PMT, exit of amplifier, end of long cable, exit of discriminator and end of flat cable at the TDC). The only thing left I can think of is a bad TDC itself. (has anything like this been seen before in the VDCs: this would be ROC 1 , slot 5, channel 56. We will live without that TDC for this experiment.

    - block 143: I identified a bad long cable between the amplifier and the discriminator. Again, I don't think this is worth changing, because it is hard to run a new cable under the door that is shut down in the closed position (right door on R-HRS). Again we'll live without it.