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    User name gilman

    Log entry time 14:48:42 on November29,2000

    Entry number 52565

    This entry is a followup to: 51754

    keyword=radiator reenabled

    I have reenabled the radiator as per discussions with Charles, Mark, Vina, and
    Ed Folts.

    The stops are set to the out limits.
    The water cooler in the hall is on, showing ~55 psi and 6 L/m flow rate.
    The control box is on, with current-test showing 1.6 A holding current.
    The Sorensen supply above the control box shows 26 V and 0.45 A.

    The GUI shows linear supply voltage of ~4.99 - 5.03 V, Encoder ~0.14 - 0.19 V,
    and Position 0.0000 (no units shown but it is sort of inches).

    More information at the old linked HALOG.

    The radiator water cooler FSDs should be enabled.
    Moving in to the 6% foil would be indicated by ~ 1 kRad at dump ion chambers,
    up from ~0.2 kRad, and a factor of about 3 increase in hadron arm rate.