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    User name Meekins

    Log entry time 15:31:06 on January13,2001

    Entry number 54601

    keyword=Target Lifter Failure

    Target Lifter Failure

    Slave 2 BDS had a PE Fault.

    The fault can be cleared by cylcing the power on the BDS. The fault means that the slave 2 lifter is > 0.1 mm off. On inspection of the verniers on top of the scattering chamber it was found that slave 2 lifter is 0.057 inch up from yesterday when this measurement was made. The other lifters are repeating to well within tollerance. The numbers for today are
    Lifter position diff with master diff with master from jan 12

    Master: 26.630 0.0 -
    Slave 1: 26.714 -0.084 -0.082
    Slave 2: 26.673 -0.043 -0.110

    slave 2 is ~ 1.45 mm up from yesterday. The reason the direction was up might be due to the fact that the target was being moved from D2 to H2 (physically down). If the slave 2 lifter faulted first the other 2 might have continued to move down for a short time.

    The lifters are operational but the target position is Z may have been strongly affected.