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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 18:45:07 on January15,2001

    Entry number 54780

    keyword=fastbus busy, synch, fb lib errors

    Three things:

    1. Today I plugged in the fastbus busy signal on L-arm. It doesn't
    matter when we run in unbuffered, but it will allow us to switch to
    buffered mode with a software flag (which I will not do, perhaps at
    end of Jan for e98108).

    2. The missing TC on R-arm seemed to be related to events getting rejected
    when their are extra hits in fastbus, which happens when the shield doors
    are open and we get noise. If so, they need not be rejected since
    the events are fine. The extra gates are quiet again (with doors open), and
    were absent all during beam as far as I know.

    3. The fastbus library errors reported at the ROC logins (printout like:
    "interrupt: fb_frdb_1 : kk=2") are not harmful except the printout takes
    cpu time. The DAQ group offered to give a version of the library which
    has no such messages, but I prefer to wait for a shutdown.