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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:33:22 on February15,2001

    Entry number 56249

    keyword=put T1,T3 into TDC as flag

    Today I plugged the triggers T1 and T3 into a TDC 1877 as a flag.
    This might help sort out the T2's and T4's whose hit pattern look like
    T1, T3. Based on what we saw on scope, such events are probably
    T1, T3 which got prescaled away but which didn't perfectly veto T2,T4
    due to timing jitter. Of course, NOT a measure of PMT inefficiency.
    The cabling in detmap notation is:
    T1 into roc1, slot 3, channel 84
    T3 into roc2, slot 4, channel 84.