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    User name X. Zheng

    Log entry time 14:57:31 on July 3,2001

    Entry number 65604

    keyword=EPR temerature test

    EPR temerature test:

    1:30pm, turn on laser #6
    1:36pm, EPR with laser #6, DC -159mV
    1:37pm, turn on laser #7
    1:43pm, EPR with laser #6 and #7, DC -175mV
    (cannot find D2 signal with 3 lasers, so I use 2 laser configuration for temperature test)
    1:45pm, turn off laser #7
    1:52pm, EPR with laser #6, set rel./ abs. gain = 1.0/1.5 turn
    1:55pm, turn off laser #6, rotate field from 0 to 180
    move half waveplates in, had problem with half waveplate control
    2:10pm, half wave plates well aligned (check from downstairs);
    2:20pm, EPR with laser #6
    2:25pm, turn on laser #7
    2:33pm, EPR with laser #6 and #7 (forgot to print out temperature)
    2:35pm, turn off laser #7
    2:42pm, EPR with laser #6
    2:43pm, turn on laser #7
    2:51pm, print out RTD readings;
    2:52pm, EPR temerature test done, continue to NMR temperature test.