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    User name R. Michaels/ B. Reitz

    Log entry time 15:19:50 on October10,2001

    Entry number 74768

    keyword=trigger checkout

    The trigger and DAQ are checked out and ready to go,
    with the exception of S0 connections on R-arm. We
    simulated the coincidences and checked timings at
    critical points in the trigger for R-arm proton momenta
    from 0.7 GeV/c to 4.0 GeV/c. For 4 GeV/c the "TC"
    (coincidence time measured on R-arm) should appear
    at 180 nsec, and decreases by 57 nsec as one goes to 0.7 GeV/c.
    We also checked the ADC gate timing. If someone wants
    to start a cosmics test.... go ahead.