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    User name Rikki

    Log entry time 00:01:52 on October26,2001

    Entry number 75002

    keyword=shift summary

    Shift summary 16:00-24:00

    At beginning of shift still waiting for usable beam to begin commisioning.

    17:39 MCC informs us they are ready to send CW beam. Asked for 5uA to begin "BPM/HARP/OTR cross calibrations".

    19:48 Beam is finally here.

    19:50 Begin "BPM/HARP/OTR cross calibration".
    run 1206 JUNK
    run 1207 HARP scan #1412 - beam position (0.00,0.00) - ps=1,1,4,1,1
    Beam spot size a little too tight on OTR and with HARP. Asked MCC to
    widen it to ~100um.
    21:51 Beam spot size looks better now.
    Scanner #6 4bx: width 110.0um
    Scanner #6 4by: width 172.5um
    As soon as beam position is 0.00,0.00 we'll begin physics program.
    Apparently moving the position changed the widths again. MCC is now trying to fix both the position and width at the same time.

    Larry Weinstein tells us to go ahead and accept a beam width anywhere from 40um to 100um. The widths now are:
    Scanner #6 4bx: width 45.0um
    Scanner #6 4by: width 69.1um
    BPMAx -0.125 BPMAy -0.075
    BPMBx -0.038 BPMBy 0.075

    "BPM/HARP/OTR cross calibration"
    begin 22:40
    run 1208 HARP scan #1425 - beam position 0,0
    run 1209 HARP scan #1426 - beam position 0,+1
    run 1210 HARP scan #1427 - beam position 0,-1
    23:09 Trouble now getting x position to +1
    run 1211 HARP scan #1428 - beam position +1,0
    run 1212 HARP scan #1429 - beam position -1,0
    23:40 Simon is now telling halls B & C that we need pulsed beam to perform last HARP scan and then "beam centering" procedure.