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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 07:17:34 on October26,2001

    Entry number 75054

    This entry is a followup to: 75033


    keyword=pump speed (cont) and a graph

    Pump speed scan, continued.
    Run 1225, Flow = 750 TACH
    I believe that the T1 and T2 rate per microamp is 1/2 what it was for run 1223
    with same H20 flow rate. But T3,T4,T5 roughly same. Odd (or mistake).
    Run 1226, Flow = 1000 TACH
    Run 1227, Flow = 1250
    Run 1228, Flow = 1500
    Run 1229, Flow = 1750
    Data quality was spot-checked, seemed ok. Lots of beam trips.
    Clearly a thorough analysis including cuts is required, but based
    on scalers, we get the plot in fig 1. To see the steps that led to
    this plot, see /home/adaq/tscal/hana_scaler_1.2/normcheck.doc
    There is an attempt to normalize to charge, deadtime, etc.
    Our owl-shift impaired choice is TACH = 1200

    FIGURE 1