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    User name x. jiang

    Log entry time 00:02:53 on October28,2001

    Entry number 75250

    keyword=shift summary

    start swing shift with no beam to start with.

    5:05pm MCC called, ready for beam.
    set Q1 on left arm current to 3235.23 A
    17:20pm start run 1290 left arm only, RCS optics run with sieve slit.
    run 1290 , junk run.
    17:25 raise beam current to 80 micro Amp.
    run 1291, T3 rate 1.1 kHz
    18:25 pm, start optics run, collimator open on both arm
    set left arm momentum to 4.121 GeV/c, asked for 60 micro Amp beam, T5 rate
    is 2.2K dead time is 23%.
    start run 1292 optics.
    22:00pm, finished run-plan 2.10, optics runs.
    22:10pm, start run-plan 2.11, with 60 micro Amp beam.
    left arm open collimator, right-arm sieve slit in. T5 rate is 1.55 kHz.
    22:55pm, moved right arm to 59.97 degree, start run 1303 for punch throughs again,
    with open collimator in th eleft arm, sieve slit in the right-arm.
    23:25 stopped run 1303.
    moved to BeO target, start run-plan 2.12, BeO run, collimator open in both arm.
    run 1304 is a junk run.
    23:57 run 1305, production run on BeO. with 30 micro Amp beam. T5 rate is 130 Hz