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    User name Nilanga

    Log entry time 11:41:57 on October29,2001

    Entry number 75386

    keyword=Emiss analysis

    The large number of peaks seen on the 16O(ee'p) spectrum were due to incorrect energy loss corrections for different foils. ( So we had three copies of p1/2 and p3/2 states)!!

    The energy loss for the water foils is negligible for online analysis. And espace is much better in hadling extended target. So for online analysis it is best to tell espace that we have an extended target with very low dencity.

    I fixed the problem and Now we only one set of peaks, further at these very high electron momentum we see some correlations of emiss on theta_focal_plane. I got some coefficients to remove these correlations.

    Now we have a nice p1/2 peak at the correct location in emiss. First figure is for a+ kinematics and the second one for G+

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2