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    User name weinstein

    Log entry time 00:02:45 on October30,2001

    Entry number 75425

    keyword=shift summary

    16:02 run 1364 start
    16:27 run 1364 ended by CODA crash ~680k events
    kill and restart CODA
    16:29 start run 1365
    A journal of all g+ kinematics runs is on adaqs1 in file . e00102_g+_journal.txt
    17:14 start run 1366
    on dhist: left vdc plane v1 has poor resolution and efficiency
    on espace (run 1364) left vdc plane v1 has about 0.5 fewer hits per cluster than the other left planes.
    17:59 start run 1367
    18:47 start run 1368
    18:57 end run 1368 ('pause' failed)
    beam to Hall C to check their orbit
    19:17 - 19:18 run 1369 - dead time measurement (ps=1/1/1/1/65535)
    20:09 beam back - start rnu 1371
    20:24 lose beam to Hall C tuning again
    22:19 beam back, start run 1372

    beam current is 100 uA. Currents in left VDCX ar 13-15 uA each, top and bottom. Bogdan says STAY BELOW 20 uA VDCX CURRENT!
    23:13 start run 1373

    We appear to be getting about 280 1p1/2 and 1200 1p3/2 per 50 uA-hours. At this rate, we will have 28k 1p1/2 and 120k 1p3/2 counts for this kinematics. Kevin estimated 39k and 109k respectively so we are not too far off. Note that this does NOT include the effects of multiple tracks in the VDCX. I am not sure what espace does with these.

    We have been getting a lot of multiple tracks in the VDCX in the left arm at high current.