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    User name Reitz

    Log entry time 13:18:05 on October30,2001

    Entry number 75460

    keyword=RICH work

    Changed FCL on the RICH detector and tested it,
    run 1181 and 1182 are junk,
    1183 only pulsers (ps5=1, rest zero)
    1184 only left cosmics (ps3=1, rest zero)
    1185 only left cosmics, but prescaled (ps3=100)
    run 20100 is a standalone rich run

    FCL on RICH comes 550ns after TRig for RICH arrives (ca 1 us after
    particle crosses the detector) and lasts for approx 600 ns
    Software Clear comes 65 us after, if applied. (but during this time
    DAQ is busy anyhow)