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    User name johna

    Log entry time 18:11:04 on October30,2001

    Entry number 75465


    keyword=HRS angles from camera.

    We noticed that the shift checklist only has the HRS angles from the general tools screen. I don't see a log entry recording the position as read by the camera, so we
    do so here. The angle marks are at 9.94m, so the circumferance is 62.45cm, and
    a one degree arc is 173.5 mm. So ignoring the difference between the arc and the linear offset as measured by the ruler:

    Right arm: 12.5 degrees + 31mm / (173.5 mm/deg) = 12.68 degrees
    Left arm: 74.5 degress + 21/ (173.5mm/deg) = 74.62 degrees