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    User name Adaq

    Log entry time 00:05:13 on October31,2001

    Entry number 75471

    keyword=10/30 day shift summary

    10/30 day shift summary:
    Shift workers: A. Saha, J. P. Chen, P. Ulmer

    Mini MD from 8 am to 3 pm
    Per Larry Weinstein's instruction, J. P. analyzed runs 1339-1349 and filled
    the total events in 1p1/2 and 1p3/2 in the file
    adaq@adaqs1:e00102_gplus_journal.txt. Also Paul added the beam current
    to the table.
    Access to the hall by Bob (for right arm port server),
    Bodo (fast clear RICH),
    Jack (VDC bubblers),
    and Scot (Target camera).