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    User name Reitz

    Log entry time 05:50:31 on October31,2001

    Entry number 75474

    keyword=Left Dipole

    left dipole gave many alarms, NMR signal went out of lock several times,
    P0 went either to zero or stayed below its nominal value.

    Dipol screen shows on M3/M4 OverTemp fault (I believe this message is
    displayed all the time)

    tried to lower the momentum to 4.000 GeV, but problem remained.
    when trying to go back to 4.121, the current for the was not increased anymore.

    After talking to the RC, I set momentum to zero. When all magnets were off,
    I switched them on again, to 4.121 GeV.

    Dipol stopped at 1370. Amp (=3.76 GeV).
    Set the current by hand to 1550 Amp, worked fine.
    Then I set the momentum again to 4.121 GeV. This time
    dipol went to the correct momentum/current.

    Got a few more alarms from the dipole and some bad NMR
    signals, but half an hour later the situation stablized no more

    Reduced the Current settung of left Q1 from 3100.358 to 3100.1 Amps
    to avoid the frequent alarms from the Q1