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    User name Jack

    Log entry time 10:49:42 on October31,2001

    Entry number 75485

    keyword=Bubbler conspiracy

    As concerns the "bubbler conspiracy" theory; I believe Nilanga had in mind the
    previous problems we had with the bubbler arraingement. There was a bubbler on
    both the exhaust of the chambers and on the inputs of the chambers. Over the
    course of time these have developed leaks. Oil leaks out and gas can leak out. The
    problem was with the bubblers on the inputs. When the oil leaked out the gas
    would bypass the chamber and exhaust directly through the "overpressure" bubbler.
    This is generally a bad thing. As a temporary solution I capped off all the "over
    pressure" bubbler lines. Thus the oil leaking out of the bubbler does not affect the
    flow of the gas through the VDC anymore. Unless there is some effect from the
    grassy knoll of Hall A I am not aware of.