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    User name johna

    Log entry time 17:52:46 on October31,2001

    Entry number 75508

    keyword=Detector kumac changes.

    I made the following changes to the detector display kumac:

    1. Commented out the lines showing the preshower and shower in 00102_det.kumac. The histograms were all either empty or showed a piece of the pedestal.

    2. Changed sc_adc_hspec.kumac. It was supposed to plot a page of raw adc spectra and then a page of corrected adc spectra. In reality, it would plot the raw histograms and then immediately overwrite them with the corrected spectra. However, there are no corrected spectra, so it would just show the last raw ADC histogram 24 times in a row. It now only shows the raw spectra.

    2. Changed sc_adc_espec.kumac. It was trying to show the corrected spectra (which don't exist). I changed it to show the raw spectra instead.