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    User name X. Zheng

    Log entry time 00:00:31 on November21,2001

    Entry number 78181

    keyword=shift summary

    16:11, beam is back, shift starts with #2602;
    run #2606 is a trigger efficiency run with wrong prescale factors;
    run #2607 is a normal production run;
    run #2608 is a trigger efficiency run with correct prescale factors;
    22:02, ROC14 crash, run #2615 has 1.3M events, end of run failed,
    reboot ROC 14, runcontrol reset->configure->download, then everything looks normal, start run #2616;
    22:08, left arm Q1 quenched, Helium flow reading -25.41%, -21.7/-24.8 l/m,
    page technician on call, ask MCC for controlled access; run #2616 is junk;
    22:31, hall is in controlled access;
    23:08, Bodo and Gary accessed to the hall and reset Q1; UPS for Q1 control was off;
    23:35, Q1 helium level back to 69.05%;
    23:45, Q1 power turned on, set current to 3100A;
    23:54, hall is in power permit;
    24:00, hall is in beam permit; Q1 is slowly coming back.