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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 10:44:19 on January12,2002

    Entry number 80141

    keyword=DAQ problems, fixed

    There was a problem with ROC2, lots of error messages upon
    prestart. At first we thought it might be a bad SFI controller or
    other hardware. But Dave Abbott logged in from home and explained
    from the error messages that we were doing illegal fastbus addressing.
    There turned out to be two problems, which we have fixed:
    1. The PEDRUNL configuration (pedestal runs for Left HRS) was
    not receiving triggers because of the busy inhibit from ROC4 (RCS crate).
    Solution was to include ROC4 into the PEDRUNL.
    2. If there is a CODA file but no useful triggers, the pedestal determination
    software had a bug of producing bogus output (pedestal file) which later
    resulted in accessing non-ADC slots. This was fixed and tested before
    we fixed problem 1. (BTW, it already does not produce ped files if there
    is no CODA file, or if the pedestal fits fail, but this problem was not anticipated