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    User name C. Howell

    Log entry time 07:00:59 on January13,2002

    Entry number 80217

    keyword=Target Operation - Instructions from Dave Meekins

    The software for the target controls is still not in a standard state and the alignment
    of the target is bad. While operating the target in the present condition, you must follow the guidelines below.
    1. Maximum beam current = 5 uA
    2. Requested raster = 4 mm x 4mm (gives a 2 mm x 2mm beam spot on target)
    3. Request beam position on target:
    BPMA: abs(x) < 1.0 mm, abs(y) < 0.5 mm
    BPMB: x = -4.0 mm, abs(y) < 0.5 mm
    4. Do not change target, i.e., leave 15-cm target with copper radiator in beam
    5. If controls hangs and system must be reboot, the target operator should call
    Dave Meekins before starting the reboot process.
    6. Target alarms are not working