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    User name bosted

    Log entry time 19:23:32 on January13,2002

    Entry number 80287

    keyword=Beam Position Scan

    With raster size 2mm by 2mm, we scanned the beam around, with
    the 15 cm norad target it (possibly skewed). We found hard edges in
    both a Veto counter rate and in S1 at x=-2.0 and -8.5 mm. The rates
    were pretty constant in between, except they dey decreased by 30% as we got
    close to the -8.5 mm edge. Iny, we found edges at -3.2 and +4.8 mm, with
    flat rates in between.

    It looks like center of target is at x=-5.5 and y=0.8. We are using
    this for subsequent running.

    Is the opening of 6 mm in x and 8 mm in y reasonable?