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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 13:48:29 on January15,2002

    Entry number 80335

    keyword=scaler analysis package for RCS

    Scalers from RCS were added to the datastream and to the end-of-run
    summary. It was done last night (oops, we forgot at beginning of run).
    HRS scalers were already there. Some software to analyze the RCS and
    HRS scalers, both the history files to summary a bunch of runs and the
    CODA files to look in detail at one run, are in ~adaq/rcs/hana_scaler_1.2
    Someone responsible may feel free to modify sources there. One may also
    obtain charge asymmetries. Run the script "qasy" and answer the obvious
    questions. After a few minutes you will be asked if you want to fit the asymmetries.
    Below is a typical result, for run 1486, for which there was a -1100 ppm charge
    asymmetry and fairly consistent among redundant monitors. As usual, see the
    README file for details.

    FIGURE 1