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    User name adaq

    Log entry time 14:17:17 on January23,2002

    Entry number 80410

    keyword=Optics plan

    Dear All,

    The optics studies at these high momenta need to be done at QE kinematics.
    I calculated QE kinematics for E_0=2430 MeV:

    With the spectrometer set at 20 degrees, E' is 2034.

    I think we should use this setting for the optics study. The rates with
    the 12C stack and with H2 will be high.

    Run Plan:

    12C stack, with no raster, 50 micro-A

    Take data for 0.5 hr with no collimator.

    Take data for 0.75 hr with sive slit.

    H2 target, raster on , 50 micro-A

    Take data for 0.5 hr with no collimator

    Please make sure that the position fast feed-back is on

    I have to go to UVa tomorrow, but please send me an e-mail or page me at
    584-5420 when you get the data